Group avatar flair doesn't apply to existing members

Over the past few days I’ve experienced this on two forums. When a group doesn’t have a flair upon creation and a flair is added at a later point of time, the existing members of the group don’t get the flair on their profile.

Set group as primary setting has no effect. I have to manually assign the group as primary for each existing user for the flair to show up or else it doesn’t show up.

On the other hand, any new users added to the group do get the flair. Only existing members are affected.

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when you update an Avatar Flair Image, it only updates the people that have that group set as primary.

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But I have the setting “Set Group as Primary” enabled in the group setting and it sadly has no effect for existing group members.

It does gives them the title properly when the setting is enabled (and removes it when setting is disabled) but flair is not applied.

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Yes, this only works for newly added members.

When no title is set, it set them the group title, but if a title is set already, then it wont update the title.

Have you tried refreshing the page after changing the icon ?

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Yes, I have tried refreshing the page and No, it doesn’t make a difference.

The thing is that the setting used to work differently in past. When I used to enable the “Set Group as Primary”, it used to automatically set it as primary for all the existing and new users. Now that’s broken in a way where the Group title of the primary group is applied correctly to all the members but not the flair. This seems to be a recent change that broke the setting. I remember it working correctly as expected back in Jan/Feb this year when I set up the groups on my forums.


I’ve posted a way you can force group members to use the group avatar now that primary group and avatar seem to be uncoupled:


I’ll definitely try it out once I’m at my desk. Thanks for the solution @nathankershaw

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I added a fix for this issue in the above PR.


Thanks a ton @vinothkannans I’ve just checked and your fix works flawlessly. If the setting set_group_as_primary is already enabled, just disable and re-enable it for the group and the flairs would be set for all the group members.