Group page: Activity: Mentions > Topics > Posts

Continuing the discussion from Usercard for groups:

I would like to propose the following changes:

  1. Have the /group/{name}/activity route go to Mentions
  2. Reorder the left nav of the activity tab as follows:
    • Mentions
    • Topics
    • Posts


Mentions > Topics

Folks belong to several groups. Their posts may or may not be relevant to that group. But the posts where the group are mentioned will always be relevant to that group. Better to list these first.

Topics > Posts

People weigh in on all sorts of topics, but when they start a topic, it’s likely more relevant to their needs or expertise. That’s more likely to be something related to a group they are in than any random post they make.


What do you think @erlend_sh?

I support this message :+1: