Usercard for groups

It’d be nice if there were a “usercard” that would pop up when you click on a @mention for a group.

  1. Since I’m used to being able to click on a @mention without leaving the page, it’s unexpected that when I click on a @group mention, I’m taken away immediately (especially since there is no visual distinction in the default style between a @group and @user mention… looks like there’s a class that would at least allow us to address that with CSS)
  2. It’d also be a good place to show some basic information like:
    • Group description
    • Number of members
      I could see this showing some avatars recently active members with “+ N more”
    • Button-style links to a few key group pages/actions:
      • Activity
      • Members
      • Join Group

I swear I’ve seen this come up here before, but I haven’t been able to find it via search.


I like this a lot, would like to see some visual mockups if a good one pops up we would be happy to put a #pr-welcome on this.

@codinghorror is this something you would like us to slot for 2.0 or 2.1 ?


Usercard for groups is a great idea, let’s do some basic version of it for 2.0!

edit: @featheredtoast could you take this on please?


Yes, I will put it on my todo :memo:


A rough draft:

I only have membership + message buttons on the card, as don’t think the “delete” button would be used much from the card.

Description may overrun the card in very strange ways, and I didn’t find it very useful to display on the card itself. If you’re looking for a full description of the group, you could navigate to the group page from the card.

Cards look a little dull with no avatars attached to them. What should we do if a group does not have an avatar? My seat of the pants suggestion would be to have fa-users as a placeholder here.

Is showing avatars in the card sufficient to imply membership?


Looks good, we can flesh out the details as we see it live here on meta. I think a numeric member count in the group would be helpful more than a dump of all the avatars – but perhaps show the avatar of the group owner(s) specifically if you can?

We probably want feedback from sites that use groups extensively.

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I should have clarified, I have a maximum amount of group members shown as avatars (naively set to 10), and if it spills over, I have a link to the group page with something like +12 more. I’ve been following a similar style as the badge count on the user’s cards.

Having a total member count might be nice to have so we don’t have to do math. Prioritizing the group owners’ avatars is indeed a good idea.

Merged in:


In our case group identities are distinct from the set of current members. The set of current members is important, but the notion of “posts” and “topics” by group members as being representative of the group is less compelling, as people rotate among different groups with some frequency, and even when they are in a group, only some posts by an individual within a group are really relevant to that group.

On the other hand, @mentions of the group are always relevant. I would like to have a link from the card to group mentions. One way to do this would be to have a link to “Activity” and change things so that defaults to the Mentions sub-tab if messages are not routeable.


I just updated and it seems to have broken regular usercards? The card background images no longer display. I assume this isn’t intended?


I can confirm this here on Meta. @codinghorror previously had a user card background, as did @mcwumbly. Checking preferences both of them have a user card background configured. cc @featheredtoast


Thanks for the reports - I’ll get the backgrounds back asap

Fixed in: