Group 'staff' should contain trust level 4 members

Is it possible, that users with trust level 4 will be assigned automatically in staff team?

That would be a disaster for us; staff are people who can do administrative things; modding users, adminning accounts and posts. TL4 are just regular users who’ve earned trust for some reason and recognition by staff. I wouldn’t support a merge with staff.


What are you looking for in asking this question? What are you trying to do?

You can give tl4 users access to staff only categories. You can give them badges and a title to give them some official status.

One thing I’d like to be able to do is have tl4 users appear on the /about page. That and not show admins.


You can do this with a plugin. I’ve been meaning to publish one that allows you to remove admins from the about page with a user setting (so that I don’t show up on the about page on sites that I manage but don’t participate in moderating) . I think it shouldn’t be too hard to add tl4 similarly.

I’ve been too busy with paying work to get around to it, though.


Have you had any luck assigning staff as having trust level 4? Curious to hear about your experiences here.

Welcome, Nina!

I would need to have been very lucky, as I’ve not been working on it. :wink:

I haven’t looked. I think that a theme component might be able to add TL4 to the about page. It might require a single API call to get the members, but that shouldn’t be too bad, especially since the page isn’t loaded that often. If that’s the case, it’s probably just an hour or two, so if you have a budget, $200-500 in #marketplace would probably get you a solution.

If a css tweak would be sufficient: I’m hiding both default admins and moderators on our /about page and then show everyone who’s actually moderating by having a dedicated group that shows up using category moderation (About - Forum). You could do something similar with a “Community Leaders” group for your tl4 users.

@pfaffman you could also hide yourself with a line of css until you find time for a plugin :wink:
.about-page .about.admins .user-info[data-username="pfaffman"]{display: none;}


Ohh. That’s great! I might roll that css into s theme component and start installing it! Thanks!

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