Guest Gate Theme Component

Yeah, I am afraid this is the case. This theme component seems not working on stable version yet. Now the tests-passed branch needed the update but it breaks on stable. Should I create a stable version of the theme component? :thinking:

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Stable support would be appreciated :heart:

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Hello :wave:

I’ve made a new branch (stable) which is compatible (I reverted the latest update) with stable Discourse. :+1:

To install the stable version :arrow_down_small:

  1. Paste the repo url:

  2. Click Advanced… button

  3. Add Branch name: stable


Hiii this pluging doesnt work anymore on the latest version, i have this error in the console:
[PLUGIN discourse-solved] Deprecation notice: Importing getOwner from discourse-common/lib/get-owner is deprecated. Use import { getOwner } from '@ember/application', or if you still need the fallback shim, use import { getOwnerWithFallback } from 'discourse-common/lib/get-owner';. [deprecated since Discourse 3.2] [deprecation id: discourse.get-owner-with-fallback]

do you have a solution to go back to a previous version so the pluging is working?

or an update soonish?

it game changer for the project i want to do :slight_smile:

thnak guys!

What is your Discourse version precisely?

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this version:

Hello @Kevin_Dufraisse_Grow :wave: Can you clarify what is the issue? I just tested it now and the component works as expected. Can you share your component settings and your Discourse version etc… These can help to investigate the problem.


I just updated Discourse and tested the component; I can confirm this also works for me. :thinking:

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:
super excited that it works on your side!

here are my settings:

where am i wrong hahah

:thinking: Looks nothing special. Can you please share your website url?

FYI I don’t think this is related? It’s a different plugin.


i only have this error when i activate the component :confused:

sure here it is :

thank you so much again!

Thanks :+1: It seems you have install the Guest Gate (Sign Up Popup Plugin) plugin which cause this issue. Remove the plugin from the app.yml and rebuild should fix it.


well, kinda, the issue with the solved plugin will persist (but as you can see I’ve raised that on the relevant Topic).


Yeah that’s not related with this. That deprecated note is on every Discourse instance and shouldn’t cause any issue… The plugin need some update. :slight_smile:


Yea, I have the same deprecated notices for some of those components/ plugins on my instances.


thanks @Don it works! :saluting_face:


Glad it works. :slight_smile:
But one more thing I noticed that you have this warning in the console which shouldn’t be there.

It seems you installed an older version of the component or the stable version which won’t works correctly on your site as it’s not on the stable version.

Please remove this version of the component and install the GitHub - VaperinaDEV/discourse-guest-gate-theme-component: Forced login / registration popup insired by Quora latest version. :slight_smile: