Hamburger Theme Selector

Meta is running tests-passed (well tests-passed, with a little Ember 3.7 magic on top, but that shouldn’t affect this).

Do you see the “immediate reload” setting in the admin panel, at the bottom of the options for this theme component? It should look like this:


Thanks for comfirmation. I see now this feature is already there.

Yes, it is there and checked.

If I uncheck it, the javascript error goes away (and the theme instantly updates without a page reload).

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Any chance you can share the link for the site? I enabled the setting on Meta, and it still seems to be working ok

Thanks for your interest, David, PM’d.

btw, love this new feature! :slight_smile:

It looks like toggling the setting off/on has fixed the problem. There must be a caching issue somewhere, which I’ll try and track down.


For reference, this was fixed today by @Osama :smiley:

cc @merefield


Is it possible to have an actual switch, built with CSS and embedded into the top bar, to switch themes from [A] to [B]?

Like this. If so, what would be the command required, as it isn’t just a simple link? Perhaps it could utilize the Hamburger Theme Selector in some way?

Did you already see Alien Night Theme - A free Dark Theme for Discourse ?


PERFECT, thanks Daniela.

Feature request! Can we get a section header for this? Without already knowing what at theme is, it’s not immediately apparent to users what these links are for. Granted, it doesn’t take but a click to figure it out, they may not be willing to experiment first. The section should have a (potentially a setting, for those who don’t want a title for that section.) This would also be important for accessibility purposes since there’s no other indication to a screen reader that there’s something different from the category list above.


Tricky, nothing else in the hamburger has a title, I guess, maybe, if we can link it somewhere?


Well, the Categories section is labeled. If it needs to be linked to somewhere, it would likely be the preferences page? /my/preferences/account/interface?


Yeah I guess we could link it to the place where you set defaults (provided you are logged on)

Only bit of uneasiness I have here is that the hamburger is already huge and this is giving it more vertical height.


Yeah, that’s one reason I was thinking there might want to be a component setting for this. That way, for those who don’t want massive hugeness can turn it off if they like.

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Sure I am totally open to make a theme setting here.


@Heather_Dudley The section header is now merged, please update the Hamburger Theme Selector component to get the new setting!



Thank you so much! It looks good, except for one small problem. On mine, it’s got a stray bullet just above it:


There are no other list items on the menu, so I’m not quite sure where it came from. Stray asterisk, perhaps?

Mousing over the text shows the correct link, but clicking it reloads the page as though you clicked one of the themes instead of taking you to preferences.


Yeah @martin is investigating this rogue bullet item and should have it sorted soon.


@Heather_Dudley sorry about that not sure where our stray bullet point friend wandered in from. I’ve now merged in a fix for this!


Interesting, this seems not working now. I don’t know what it is conflict with.

While I think this is a very important and basic component, I think it should be integrated in the discourse system itself.