Hamburger Theme Selector


(Sam Saffron) #22

Are you on latest, are the themes user selectable?

(Yegor) #23

There is a checkbox saying “Theme can be selected by users”. So I assume yes.

Thanks for the quick answer.

(Yegor) #24

so any thoughts, Sam? :slight_smile:

(Jeff Wong) #25

Can you confirm that you have done this?

The way I understand it is you’re going to need the hamburger theme selector added as a Theme Component for all of your other existing themes for it to appear. Add the hamburger theme to all of the others via the Theme includes other child themes option.


this is such a useful extension. Please consider including this as a part of Discourse’ core.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #27



Just an FYI for everyone … recent 2.1 Beta update broke the existing Hamburger Theme Selector installations. It simply took an update of the HTS to fix this from within its Theme component admin. (so seems someone knew about this, aha! :wink: (@Sam would have been good to have a heads up, sorry if I missed it) ) (there seems however to be a new issue with Themes admin, see my ‘bug’ report)

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