Have tag notification settings override category notification settings

To replicate current functionality:

  1. as user A set category notification setting to watching
  • as user A set tag notification to muted
  • log out of user A account
  • log in as user B
  • as user B, write a test post in the category and containing the tag
  • **user A will be notified of post **

So it appears that category watching settings override the tag watching settings. I’d like to suggest reversing this so that if you have muted a specific tag, you will not be notified even if it’s in a category you are watching.

Or perhaps this can be an admin or user setting to serve different communities?

What is the order of operations here @neil?

The behaviour is the same. It also works the other way. If you are watching a tag but mute a category, then you will get notified of a topic with that tag and category. Watching is stronger than muting.


Is this also true if the same topic has two tags: one watching, the other muted?

Yes you’ll see topics that have tags that you’re watching.

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