"Watching First Post Categories" doesn't respect "Muted Tags"

Steps to reproduce

  1. In preferences/categories add a watched-first category.
  2. In preferences/tags add a muted tag.
  3. Using another user, create a post with the watched-first category and the muted tag.
  4. Check /notifications

Expected behavior

The new post should not appear.

Actual behavior

The new post appears.

Other comments

If instead of watching-first category, you choose watched or tracking, the behavior is as expected (the new post does not appear).


I don’t know how to clarify, but I think the way it works is useful in the scenario where one wants to ignore a tag used site-wide, but needs to read everything in a particular category.

Not the easiest set of features to explain how they interact, ne? :slight_smile:

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These are contradictory preferences. So you’re saying the fact that someone is muting a tag should prevent them from seeing first posts in a category they are explicitly watching?

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I’m not aware of anything which says muting > watching, and at least for myself I would want watching > muting.

That’s what happens if instead of “watching first” posts, they select “watching” or “tracking” (which makes sense, since tags are more specific than categories and should have preference).

I don’t agree with this statement.

Fair enough. But at least the behavior should be consistent.

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