Notification preferences not working?

I am watching first posts in various categories:

But muted certain tags:

However, I still receive email notifications for all new topics in those categories even though they are already tagged with ‘slack’ as soon as they are created.

Any workaround for this? Thank you.


Yeah it seems to that’s the case.

I think the workaround here is using tags notifications instead category. Remove the category from Watching First Post and add tags to Watching First Post instead.

But what if the topics I want to watch don’t get tagged? Or is there a way to auto-tag all new topics?

A bit more detail: I have a forum that has both:

  • Automated topics created by a bot (a bot that mirrors slack conversations). These are the ones that are tagged, and which I want our staff to ignore.
  • Normal topics created by users. Users normally don’t tag their topics with anything. But these are the ones I want our staff to be notified of.
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I see. In this case I think I would use a subcategory setup instead tag.

Parent category for users topics.
Subcategory for bot topics.

Then you can Watching First Post the parent category and Muted the subcategory.

But others maybe have a better idea. :slight_smile:

I think that the issue is that either the watched state or the muted state has to take precedence, so someone will be happy which ever way they case is handled.