What happens for a post in a muted category with a watched tag?

Hi everyone,

I have a community working on a lot of projects. Each one of them has its own category, which is muted by default (what is written is not private but most people don’t care, we do not display it unless the user is specifically going in the category page).

Those projects sometime need to display publicly something (major news, need for help…).

I thought about using a tag «important» that would be tracked or watch by default, so that those post could reach everyone, but the category setting seems to override the tag setting.

Right now, I have to use two categories : one for usual work which stays muted by default and an other one that is just with normal setting. This set up is very unsatisfactory, we have to double the number of setting, people see twice the number of category when choosing where to post…

Can you see a way to locally:

  • Prioritize tag setting over category setting ?
  • Prioritize watched setting over muted setting ?
  • An other way to achieve my goal ?

Thanks in advance.


There should be a different public category for these posts, like “major public project updates” then you could tag it with the project.

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Thank you for that answer,
We’re on the way to switch as you recommended as it seems indeed more intuitive.

But there is still a problem.
We’ll have two categories:

  • Announcement
  • Work in Progress

And we’ll have tags, for each project.

The target behaviour would be:

  • On Announcement, every user should see the post for any project/tag
  • On W-i-P, the user should be able to mute the projects/tags they don’t participate in.

So I think the setting should be:

  • Announcement : Track or Watch by default
  • W-i-P : Normal by default
  • Tags : let the user decide witch tag to follow or mute, and maybe add a theme component on front page to let them toggle the notification level easily for these selected tags.

But this setting will also mute the tag in the announcement category.
Is there a way to prevent this behaviour?

  • By making tracked or watch override mute when there is a tag and a category with different setting (the message would be muted only with a setting “mute/mute” or “mute/normal”, which would be the most intuitive behaviour. I mean, “Better safe than sorry”, in case of conflicting setting, the rule should to not drop the post. And normal not conflicting with anything.)

  • By making the category setting (for a specific category) override the tag setting ? Is that doable with a theme component ? I guess not but I’m not advanced enough for plugins.

The alternative would be to remove tags from announcements but that seems very not satisfactory. There would be no way to have an overview of all posts regarding one project.

Yes oca, I believe we already discussed this in the past. There may be problems of priority according to what you actually want to achieve: For example: User muted, when you actually would like his replies to show when it’s in tracked topic. A tracked topic inside a muted category. Tracked tags inside a muted category (your case) or for muted topics. Muted tags inside a tracked category or for tracked topics. (Note: Tracked or watched)

I’m not even totally sure how all this actually reacts.
Does the muting always have priority currently ?

This seems to be something which would need more complex settings to handle: A list of priorities to set what has priority over what (in what order), or at least an additional setting on the “muting” to select “low priority” or “high priority”.

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I haven’t broadly tested (because It quite tricky to notify myself, I do that with a do-admin when we both have time) but I haven’t found a case where it’s not.

I can understand if that’s not on this issue is not on the current roadmap but I would be glad to try to make a plugin to handle this if someone can give me some hints on where to look on the codebase.

Edit: May I have found the setting: remove muted tags from latest?
I’ll do some more tests.
Edit2: Seems it only deal with the conflicts between tags, not between tags and category. Such a setting would be a nice thing to have.

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May one solution for you be to suppress yourself the categories from latest with some code rather than to mute them ? In this case, you could check in your code if there isn’t a reason to still show a topic despite it being in a suppressed category (for example: presence of a certain tag). One con is that users can’t select themselves to not “mute” the categories anymore.

Here is some code that may help you get started:

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