Having problems following the installation guide

I’ve followed the how to install guide and I am now stuck on the “Root” portion.

What do I need to use in order to “root” the discourse (i’m assuming?).

As you can see, i’ve been trying, and I can’t seem to figure out what to do

I’m doing this discourse for a Virtual Airline community (Similar to Infinite Flight)

MacBook Pro early 2015
120gb storage
MacOS Sierra

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Are you following this guide and installing on ubuntu, or directly on the macbook?

It looks like the latter, but I want to be sure before proceeding any further.

root is a user, not a process, in the cloud install the steps are to be completed as root.


Yes, I meant to say I was following the official guide that is for 30 minutes
The “Install discourse in 30 minutes” guide

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Ok, well after running git clone it looks as if you pasted the repo URL again, and then just typed in a URL.

what you needed to do was:


And follow the steps as guided.

The grey regions with fixed-width text are areas where you’re interacting with the SSH session, the rest is instruction, considerations and requirements along the way.


So what do I do, should I put that in now, or restart the entire process all over again?

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You can safely run discourse-setup as outlined above, but maybe re-read the document in full bearing in mind what I said above. If you’ve never used SSH before (or terminal) and haven’t familiarised yourself with the process these hiccups are inevitable.


I don’t really bother with Terminal in my computer, since I have no need to.

I’ve only used terminal a couple of times for simple tasks which I don’t remember

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Well that’s what SSH is giving you, a remote terminal. You’re going to need to be fairly adept with it if you’re going to maintain the installation, certain updates and other processes in the future will rely on you using it.

Note that if you’re planning to use http://www.aviation-airways-va.com/ as your Discourse installation URL you need to change the DNS ‘A’ record for www - it currently points to a parkingcrew holding page.

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and how do I change the DNS? I just recently bought the domain name

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It looks like you bought your domain from Verisign, so log in there (or wherever you bought it) and make sure the ‘a’ record for WWW is pointed at the IP of your new server.

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i’m sorry if I ask so much, I’m not very familiar with SSH, and I’ve never hosted a website either.

I bought it off of CheapNames or whatever the name it is from there.

I’m so new to this, I don’t even know where to go change the DNS, nor am I familiar with the “A” meaning.


I would start there then, check out their support site and read their documentation on creating and editing DNS entries. You will need that before you can go any further. As the guide you’re following says:

Domain Name

:bell: Discourse will not work from an IP address, you must own a domain name such as example.com to proceed.

  • Already own a domain name? Great. Select a subdomain such as discourse.example.com or talk.example.com or forum.example.com for your Discourse instance.
  • No domain name? We can recommend NameCheap, or there are many other great domain name registrars to choose from.
  • Your DNS controls should be accessible from the place where you purchased your domain name. Create a DNS A record for the discourse.example.com subdomain in your DNS control panel, pointing to the IP address of your cloud instance where you are installing Discourse.

@Stephen actually it was NameCheap.com is where I bought my Domain from

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also, what does


mean for adding an A thing? Do I add it like:



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Ok so this is the guide you want to use:


What it means is that you need to think and decide on the fullly-qualified domain name (FQDN) before proceeding any further. Some users will want to run a website at the ‘www’ address, hosting their discourse instance on a different name such as ‘community’, ‘forum’ or ‘discussion’.

So if you decided you want to use:


your FQDN would be:


And you would create an ‘a’ record for ‘discussions’ pointing to the new server IP under the DNS control panel for aviation-airways-va.com at namecheap.

Once you know what the full URL is going to be, that’s what you create an ‘a’ record for. Follow the guide I linked above.

Also, please try to stop replying to yourself, if you want to add to a reply please do exactly that and edit the last post which hasn’t received a response. This isn’t a web chat and it wastes a lot of screen real-estate when a whole screen is filled by only three or four paragraphs. It’s why the edit option is there.


Unfortunately, I do that alot. I just don’t like editing my responses too much…

it makes it look like I forgot to add something… like what I just did…
so can I use community.aviation-airways-va.com as a full url? thanks!


Yes, and if you never use ‘www’ you could redirect that to community too - namecheap DNS includes basic redirection.


is this the correct way to do it?

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Hi Daniel, I’m happy to help you through this if you’re up for it, I recently set up a discourse forum myself too.

Yep you can use community.aviation-airways-va.com and that’s correct.
The IP address for your server will be at your Digital Ocean if you are using that.

Looks like you were up to this part

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Yes just put the IP of the server in the IP field.