Haze.club not working in iOS app

Trying to add haze.club to my iOS discourse app and it says it does not exist

http://haze.club is full address

Need Patreon to login too


I can see this Allen

Ok I hope they know how to fix it

Hi @Allen_Robberson @Steve_Savage,

Apologies for the delay here, but this issue needed an update to our mobile app as well as to the main Discourse repository. They’re both updated now and this issue should be fixed. Just make sure you are using the latest version of the DiscourseHub app.

Yeah but it isn’t working still

Are you getting the same message, “site does not exist”? If so, your app needs to be updated. (Please share screenshot if you’re having a different issue.)

please watch this video after updating this is what is happening.


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Thanks! I can repro your issue but only when the Patreon app is installed on the device. On a device without the Patreon app, I could complete the login process just fine.

Unfortunately, we can’t fix this on our end. In the app, we are using Apple’s aswebauthenticationsession protocol. Once that popup shows up, the OS handles the authentication, and it looks like it redirects to the Patreon app when that app is installed, which then loads Safari. DiscourseHub needs the authentication to complete inside of the initial popup.

Your only option is to uninstall the Patreon app on the device, sign in, and then install it again. (In the DiscourseHub app, you only need to do this authentication process once, when the site is added to the app.)


I removed the patreon app and logged in then reinstalled the app and it works great now

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