Hidden category not hidden in top menu

When a restricted category is added to the top menu (like “Bugs” and “Features” here on Meta), these will be displayed for users who cannot actually access them. It would be great if these were only displayed for users who at least have read access…


This is not supported. Why would you add top level links to a secure category?

Because I have a closed user group (i.e. a closed category) whose members are having difficulties finding their way around. Adding “their” category to the top menu gives them a sense of security or control (“I can always find my way back to my home category”).

If you do this, you will have to suffer the consequences, that is, users without access to the category will complain.

Why don’t you simply move the hidden category at the top of your categories list?

What you’ll see as a member:

Normal user can’t see the hidden category but members of this category can see it at the first place everywhere

What you’ll see as a normal user:


Good idea, at least for desktop view (although it still requires them to click on a button called “all categories” which, if you’re overwhelmed, is not necessarily something you do), but the problem in my particular case is that the category in question is a subcategory. So this doesn’t work (or am I missing something?).

I hear you saying “this is not a priority to fix”. So be it. But do you agree that it would make sense that restricted categories are hidden from non-eligible users no matter where they appear?

@tophee, what do you think of this plugin in the meanwhile?

Maybe you can pin a topic and add a button visible only to your group.