Hide Pinned Topics From Mobile Browser View

Is there a setting to disable the appearance of pinned threads in the mobile browser view of Discourse forums? We have a handful of pinned threads on the official Age of Empires forum and they fill up the short list of threads in the mobile browser view. I would like the option to hide pinned threads in the mobile browser view so that mobile visitors have a better idea at a glance of what the current discussion topics are on the forums.

Alternatively I am looking for suggestions on how to better present game resources, support resources and streamer showcases on the forum.

Screenshot of official AoE forums with multiple pinned topics:

In Discourse once you have read a pinned topic in its entirety, it will no longer be pinned for you. Try doing that first.

(I think there’s also an explicit “unpin for me, personally” button at the bottom of these topics, too.)


Ah, okay. I didn’t know there was a difference. Yes, either clicking on the pin icon on the top of the post or the pinned button at the bottom unpins the post for my user account only while still leaving it pinned for all other users by default.