Hide/Show single posts in the overall discussion

I think there is still no similar topic as mine. I would like to have a feature that allows me as admin/mod to delete the posts BUT the regular users would have the chance to click on the removed post and see it if they want. So I have a long story discussion under one topic but there are some posts not worth to be seen so I delete them but anyone can still if they wish to see what’s behind it.

For example. I see something not ok, I edit it and then delete. Regular user can have the same option as me mod/admin to “show hidden messages” but of course WITHOUT options to get it back.

Is there a way to somehow ‘share’ the privilege with ACL (access control list)-like option to do it?

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You could flag to threshold but this will penalize the users whose post you flagged. It will hide the post in the manner you describe though.

Could the “Summarize This Topic” feature do what you’re after?

eg. try it with this topic


Yes, that looks like what I would like to have : ). Thanks, now I need to find out how to use it.

I want to do something similar. I work on a piece of text in a less-permissive category (only select people can read) and when I’m done I move it to the more-permissive category. Before that happens, I sometimes get feedback on what I’m writing in the form of posts. When I move I do not want those feedback posts.

I do not see “flag to threshold”. What does that even mean?

I also do not know what is meant by “penalize the users whose post you flagged”.

If the people providing feedback are staff then you can use staff whispers. These are only visible to staff and not visible to anyone else

Another option is to move the first post to a new topic in the permissive category and then only the first post will appear and none of the replies.


This is what I want then. So I either hit the pencil at the very top, or edit the post, and then change category? I find that hard to imagine. What happens to the rest of the posts? Don’t they need to be attached to something?

Use the topic wrench then select posts, move to new topic.