Security settings for pre-seeded categories?

Continuing the discussion from Pre-Seeded Site Feedback Category - Allow Modifying Security Rules:

I’m going through my categories to audit the security settings, and for the Site Feedback pre-seeded category I see the following:

So what are the actual security settings? Perhaps a UI tweak to show them like for other categories would be good, but in the meantime, how can I find out what the actual rules are without some lengthy trial and error testing?

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Site feedback is a default public category. If that doesn’t suit your needs, you may delete it.


Public as in “everyone can… Create / Reply / See”?

I’m happy with that, and I wouldn’t delete it. It’s a good default category IMHO.


I am considering deleting the Feedback category (and moving its topics into uncategorised, which I’ve renamed Miscellaneous). Might there be any unintended consequences to be regretted?