Security settings for pre-seeded categories?

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I’m going through my categories to audit the security settings, and for the Site Feedback pre-seeded category I see the following:

So what are the actual security settings? Perhaps a UI tweak to show them like for other categories would be good, but in the meantime, how can I find out what the actual rules are without some lengthy trial and error testing?


Site feedback is a default public category. If that doesn’t suit your needs, you may delete it.


Public as in “everyone can… Create / Reply / See”?

I’m happy with that, and I wouldn’t delete it. It’s a good default category IMHO.


I am considering deleting the Feedback category (and moving its topics into uncategorised, which I’ve renamed Miscellaneous). Might there be any unintended consequences to be regretted?

I’m here with same question about the Staff category.

I know it’s most likely for admins and global moderators. But what about people with high trust level? Or about category moderators? Absolutely not obvious.

I believe the Staff category is only visible/accessible to staff users (ie. Admins and Moderators). :+1:

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