Is there way to always show Solved button visible on the left end of a panel (reorder)?

Hi, i’d like users find Solved button always visible at the left end of buttons’ panel. By default it is hidden.

I found that I can make Solved button visible by removing all hidden post buttons, but at the same time I want to keep some button hidden… Also there is no Solved button in the list of available buttons. Perhaps, this will be fixed later.

How can I reorder this button? In case of a custom CSS solution I would very appreciated for an example code :wink:, not just a direction what I need to do, please.

It’s only hidden behind the ... for staff. For the original topic creator, it is always visible on the left

For a topic where I am the OP:

For a topic where I am a staff member, but not the OP:


Really… It is very cool when developers provide for such user-friendly behavior. So this topic can be closed and many thanks!

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