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Hi guys, I wonder if there’s a way to hide who’s replying to a certain topic?

I installed always-anonymous-categories plugin. And I enabled Force posts to be anonymous for a category to make it easier for users to post anonymously there. But this problem comes, in some rare cases, people can see who’s attempting to reply to an anonymous topic, when a user replies without entering anonymous mode.

There’s the presence enabled admin setting if you’d like to turn it off completely?

After a little exploration, I believe you can use a touch of CSS to target hiding it for a specific category. I’ve only given it a brief test, but it seems to work as expected (replace SLUG for the slug of your category):

body.category-SLUG div.presence-users {
    display: none;

As it’s CSS, it can be ‘unhidden’ using safe mode or the browser inspector, but may be enough for your use-case?


Thank you!! This works well.

Yes, it would be perfect if we can do this. But I tried your code the replying status is still not hidden.

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That’s unfortunate. :thinking: I’ve just tested it again, and it hides it for me?

This is my code for my discussion category:

body.category-discussion div.presence-users {
    display: none;

It does work by using the category slug, rather than the category name. Could it be possible that something has gone awry adding yours to the code snippet?

It works perfectly now. I misspelled the slug. :rofl: Forgive my incautiousness.
Beyond grateful!

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