Hiding edit icon of table builder for tablets and mobiles?

Please wizards, I need some guidance.

Table builder is totally useless for mobiles and tablets, because there can’t do anything. That’s why editing icon of tables should be hided. Now it is just noise that is just confusing.

CSS is obvious tool, because if there would be another solution it would be used, right? But I have zero understanding how to hide that unnecessary pencil-icon.

It’s not ideal but I did create this table using my phone:

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
This table was built on my phone. It’s not impossible. Double tapping opens up the keyboard.
Not sure how to remove extra rows though. Oh! Just edit after building.

Removing the columns is a lot of tedious editing, so I didn’t do it. :wink:

Well, in iPad and iPhone it needs very fast double taps. But still — editing in any way is much easier in composer and if/when there is need to add or delete rows etc it can’t be done in table editor.

Having two different editors and an user must choose witch one to use depending what kind edits is needed is just bad UX. That’s why smaller screens should redirect to composer and for that the easiest way is hidind pencil-icon of table editor.

This is propable the very first time I’m against wysiwyg type design — perhaps because it is so crippled.

Here a CSS snippet you could use to hide the Edit Table button on mobile:

.mobile-view .fullscreen-table-wrapper:hover .fullscreen-table-wrapper__buttons .btn-edit-table {
  display: none;

Thanks a lot!

And now I understand why my tries did not work. Well, I almost understand. Why opacity:0?

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