Interacting with tables on mobile isn't the best

When you touch a table on mobile when table-builder is enabled, it reduces the table opacity to 0.5.
The edit button is floating outside the screen, on the right.

If you want to select some table content for, say, copy-paste, you can’t avoid this opacity issue. If the table is taller than your screen, you can’t click outside the table to remove the opacity.

In this regard, the table-builder experience on mobile can be improved :slight_smile:


Also clicking a different table will undo this effect to previously clicked table.

This seems to be only a minor aesthetic issue. May mean that table is selected as in selected text that can be copied to clipboard but am not able to test that.

Every time I read a plugin, theme or theme component description, which is presented in a table, it annoys me. Because I have to scroll horizontally to read the whole description, I often trigger the table builder edit option. Then the text is a lot more difficult to read because the contrast is bad.

This is a topic where I cannot even use the table editor because I am not allowed to edit the post. Those are the most confusing ones because the edit button does not appear, and you have no indicator of why the contrast changed. When I am allowed to edit the topic because it is a wiki, the pencil button that helps to know what happened covers parts of the text.

Opening a footnote in a table also results in a lack of contrast, so you have to find a place to tap afterwards.

And as @Canapin mentioned, in bigger tables like Trust Level Permissions Table (inc Moderator Roles) clicking somewhere else is not really possible.

But even in my first example, it is not easy to find a place next to the table.

All in all, it is annoying to always have to look for a place to touch to continue reading. And at least for topics where I am not allowed to edit, I don’t understand why that happens at all.



I found this feature annoying. Don’t know if it’s a bug or a feature. I’ve been creating tables regularly on the post, containing links. When viewers look at those post, and accidentally while scrolling they click on the table, the table gets darken (or highlighted), which makes viewers confused and hard to click on links.

Kindly educate me why is that or have a look at this bug.

Thank you!

We have an existing ux topic about this, so I’ve slipped your topic over to group the reports together. :+1:


I’ve recently merged a commit that changes this behavior, on touch devices the hover effect is disabled, and the button will appear below the table:

Screenshot 2024-01-26 at 4.41.15 PM