Highest-Post Excerpts in Topic List

:information_source: Summary Adds the most recent post/reply excerpt to the Topic List serializer
:hammer_and_wrench: Repository Link GitHub - dsims/discourse-highest-post: Adds highest_post_excerpt to serializer
:open_book: Install Guide How to install plugins in Discourse


Adds the excerpt from the topic’s most recent post (aka the post with the highest_post_number) to the TopicListItemSerializer.


None for the plugin, but all the frontend UI related changes to actually see the excerpts are in a separate theme-component: Latest Reply Excerpt theme-component.


Limit to certain categories & tags?

:warning: While it attempts to be optimal, this does add extra queries that could impact performance.
:warning: “Whispers” are excluded, but there may be other unwanted posts I’m not aware of.