[HIRING] User creating categories plugin

What would you like done?
I need someone to make a plugin where any user (regardless of trust level and regular/mod/admin role) can create categories. Then to completely rename Categories to any name I want (it’s always editable).

When do you need it done?
1-2 weeks

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
$200, more if done superbly.

To be clear - you want anybody to have the ability to edit any category name?

No I want anybody to be able to create a category (them and staff ONLY having access to editing that category).

I want the ability to completely change Categories to something else. I don’t want them to be known as Categories. Maybe Seeds instead, so any user can create their own seed. I don’t like the name Categories, it doesn’t fit my site.

Sorry for the confusion.

Do you understand that categories are extremely resource heavy and we don’t recommend creating hundreds or thousands of them? Perhaps you could explain your use case so we can help you brainstorm a more appropriate solution.


Have you already tried letting everyone create Tags?

If yes, did it work in some ways but not in other ways, problems?

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I feared that, indeed. I genuinely need a plugin that acts the way subreddits do. Maybe that’s too difficult? BuddyPress has groups; anyone can create their own group on a niche and anyone can join however many groups. Each group has their own activity stream where the group’s members post niche-relevant content. But they’re also customizable, with group bg and pfp.

@Mittineague Tags are okay, it doesn’t offer any ways of customization and a sense of belonging as groups do. They’re not bad either, however.

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I also appreciate you guys helping out, this could help the Discourse community.

I think tags might be the best way if categories are too resource intensive. How about this:

  • You have one ‘hidden’ category for ‘group posts’ (won’t show up on the normal indexes/lists, etc.)
  • Each custom group has one tag made for it, that only gets used in this category
  • Creating a topic in the group will create a topic in the hidden category with the group tag
  • Viewing the group topics will show all the topics with the tag, just a different page layout or whatever.

Could be a start to achieving this?


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