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Hello everything is fine? I want to thank you very much for making this theme component,

This theme component is perfect, because I do a lot of tributes on my forum (singers’ birthdays, actors’ movie premieres, vaccination campaigns, etc.) not every day i access the forum

I’m having some difficulty customizing it, I really want your help

I customized it to the point of leaving it like this

Is there a way to put the initial text of the post in the banner, in addition to the title? Perhaps a limit of characters to appear there, in addition to 2 icons with texts to go to other options, like this

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Hello! I’m on v3.1.0 and this plugin has been working beautifully until ~last week. Didn’t change any settings, but I’m now unable to promote any new posts to be featured. Is there anything I can look into to troubleshoot?

It seems like some posts can be promoted, but others can’t. All have images.

Any direction would be appreciated! Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi @victoria1 :wave: You may want to update your Discourse instance.


Is there a way to associate featured topics that are tagged as featured in categories other than the main/original category? Everything works great in our main category but there is another parent-level category that will not display threads in the featured topics list despite the threads being tagged as such.

@awesomerobot - I agree with @merefield:

one feature which would be nice is optionally linking to the first post.

Any chance of it being implemented in the main theme-component?


oh sure, probably about time to get to that… here I’ve added a new setting called always_link_to_first_post: FEATURE: add `always_link_to_first_post` setting, move setting descriptions by awesomerobot · Pull Request #33 · discourse/discourse-homepage-feature-component · GitHub

should be available once you update the component


Hey @Lilly! I work with Victoria. We’ve updated the instance to 3.21 but are still seeing the previous behavior where only 1 post is featured.

CleanShot 2024-04-22 at 11.31.32@2x

We currently have the max number of topics set to 5 and 5 topics are tagged with the appropriate tag.

Any troubleshooting tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :grinning: