How can Admin login while Read-only mode is enabled on multisite?

I did restore on my secondsite(multisite), but Read-only mode is enabled.

How can I login? or How can I turn off Read-only mode?

I tried:

./launcher enter app
discourse disable_readonly

But nothing’s changed. (I tried ./launcher rebuild app also)

Was there any error when you tried that?

Alternatively, you could try the following

./launcher enter app
rails c

No there was no error

root@localhost-app:/# discourse disable_readonly
The site is now fully operable.

Here I did your instruction:

root@localhost:/var/discourse# ./launcher enter app
WARNING: No swap limit support
root@localhost-app:/# rails c
[1] pry(main)> Discourse.disable_readonly_mode
=> true

But still same situation :confounded:

Are you sure you’re disabling readonly mode on the right site? I see you’re using multisite.

You need to do something like

./launcher enter app
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I did

root@localhost-app:/# discourse enable_readonly
The site is now in readonly mode.
root@localhost-app:/# discourse disable_readonly
The site is now fully operable.

But it seems it only affects on the first site, not the second site.
(For more info: I configured multisite, and I restored with backup data. Then it happened)

Yes I am using multistite.

I tried with the name of DB ‘secondforum’:

root@localhost-app:/# RAILS_DB=<secondforum> rails c
-bash: secondforum: No such file or directory

Would you provide any example of <NAME_OF_THE_DB> ?
I followed Multisite configuration with Docker
I made it with secondforum instead of b_discourse

It finally worked with secondsite (not b_discourse nor secondforum)

./launcher enter app
RAILS_DB=secondsite rails c

Thank you :grinning: