How can I send a Personal Message to all members in a particular TRUST group?

I’d like to send a message to all users who are in trust level 3 to let them know about the private lounge but I can’t find a “Send” for trust levels anywhere.

Any reason why this is not available?


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You can send a PM to all members of a trust level group. To do that, go to the trust level’s group page (for example /g/trust_level_3.) On that page, click the “Manage” link, then click the “Interaction” link from the left side menu. In the Posting section, change the default value of “Nobody” to the group that you would like to be able to send PMs to the trust level. Then save your changes.

Depending on the number of users in the trust level, you may also need to update your site’s max allowed message recipients setting so that you can message all members of the group. That setting defaults to 30 recipients.


Thank you so much. Really appreciate it.

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