How do Hidden Comments work?

Recently I’m noticing that some comments seem to be automatically hidden, which seems like a nifty feature, but I’m confused about what gets hidden and why. I like the idea of more easily following a chain of comments without being distracted by other noise, but as a moderator I wonder what I’m not being shown. Is this written out anywhere that I can read up on this feature?

Do you mean this option?:


Not that (I’ve never seen it?) but I think I found the trouble.

I was trying to change the preferences of two squabbling users to mutually Mute and Ignore each other. The Muting part works as intended, but the IGNORE sets MY preferences to ignore them (instead of each other). In hindsight that’s probably doing what it should, and I misunderstood the function of Ignore.

Problem resolved, I think :slight_smile:

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But out of curiosity, where do I find that setting? Looking but not finding …

It’s in the site settings. You must be an admin to access that. It’s not in your account settings aka preferences.

I’ve just tried this for myself, and trying to Ignore a user on a test user’s preferences changed my preferences instead.

I’m pretty sure that’s not how it’s supposed to work. I think it might be a bug.


  • As Admin, go to User A’s Preferences/Users page
  • Under ‘Ignored’ click Add, and enter User B in the modal (plus a timeframe)
  • Save changes

  • Refresh page - no user is ignored in User A’s preferences
  • However, User B’s posts are now hidden for the Admin