How do I navigate by topic titles on /latest, /top, and /c pages when using a screenreader?

I’m using VoiceOver on Mac + Chrome/Safari.

I’d like to easily navigate through topic lists on pages like /latest and /top.

I tried using VO-Command-N (move to next auto webspot), which ideally should move me from significant item to significant item. In this case, I’d like to move from topic title to topic title.

Unfortunately, Discourse’s takes us from category to category, instead, which isn’t helpful for navigation.

Here’s a video of what’s happening.

What’s the best way to hear the titles via screenreader? Or, can there be something done on the Discourse side that will result in auto webspots identifying topic titles?


Just saw your reply in The State of Web Accessibility, seems like this topic fell through the cracks.

I’m not familiar with how the auto web spots work… but for some reason it seems like it’s choosing to read the only title attribute it can find in those table cells (which is the category description).

If I navigate the table using VO and the arrow keys, it selects the topic title first… but then when you navigate that way you’re not benefiting from the table cell grouping at all…

I’m not sure what we can do to improve the auto web spots, but I can look into it a little bit more.


Thank you, Kris.

I also noticed that when using keyboard shortcuts j and k to navigate, Voice Over doesn’t read the topic titles that are being highlighted. Making Voice Over read the topic titles when combined with keyboard shortcuts would be transformative.