How do I remove rename?

Somehow, I renamed the level 1 group to “basic”. How can I revert that?


Where can I find those settings to remove the “basic” message box? I’ve been searching in a loop for a while now.


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If you go to Admin > Badges > Search for the TL1 Badge > Then click “rename”. You will be brought to a screen to change the name :slight_smile:

The second part, if I remember correctly, once a message is sent to that group, it stays in that sidebar. I may be wrong! (If I am, let me know as I am curious as well :sweat_smile:)

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I believe that’s in /admin/customize/text

Then have it show only the ones you’ve changed.

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go to admin - users - groups and rename the group


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Trust levels aren’t really groups, so you can’t rename them there. I thought you might be right, but this time I checked.

In admin customize text search for


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I’m on mobile when I tried but there was no search option. I will make a proper reply (edit this comment) once I get back to PC. I tried both suggestions in this thread, not possible to rename “basic”.

The Basic that can be changed in settings starts with capital B. I tried it also but it’s not the same and the lower case basic.

Update: I was able to delete all the messages i found in “basic” inbox etc and then the next day the poof! …“basic” is gone. Coincidence or that was the fix?

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