How does one decide if a translation should be made?

Hi. I am currently considering contributing a translation to Discourse. I am however wondering if there are any guidelines towards deciding if a translation should be made or not.

I am have a good grasp of the languages I want to translate, they are both popular in my native country, at least one of them is a language you can use on both Google and Facebook (even though the Google language locale is very limited and has some funny translations). I can read and write both, my accent/pronunciation in both is good, and have a strong knowledge of idioms and proverbs, so my problem is not if I think I am capable.

Thanks in advance.


The best reason for contributing a language is if you’re going to be participating in a community that will actually use it. Otherwise you will not have an incentive to keep up with subsequent releases that require translation updates and the language pack will go stale.


That makes sense. Translating for translation’s sake isn’t exactly a viable long term plan. Thanks.

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Excellent question and answer. I hadn’t thought of it this way, but it makes sense!

doesn’t everyone speak American? :us: