How to automatically have FAQ and Categories "About" localized

(Mariano Rodriguez) #1

I’ve my forum instance in Spanish, but all the files generated like the TOS, FAQ, all the categories About topics are in english, is there any way to translate those files, maybe a rake task. Or I need to get to the file and start copying and pasting?

Did I do something wrong while I was setting up the Discourse?

FAQ, Privacy Policy for non-english Discourse
(Sam Saffron) #2

tos_topic is definitely already translated to Spanish.

To update it I think the simplest way would be removing the link to the topic in the DB and doing a rebuild.

I agree it is not that great that we seed these topics before you have picked a locale. @gerhard we should think of a better long term solution here.

What we can do is glue a custom field to the topics we create so when you change locale, a rebuild brings in the correct topics.

So in 990_topics.rb

  1. When creating these topics we set the custom field of topic_locale.

  2. IF we have SiteSetting.XYZ_topic_id, THEN look at custom field… IF it is there and locale does not match current locale, create a new topic.

This is not 100% ideal, cause there is a big delay (has to wait for a rebuild)

BUT if we triggered the same process on SiteSetting change it could be workable. I really dislike that SO MANY sites have TOS etc in the wrong language.

To work around:

./launcher enter app
rails c
SiteSetting.tos_topic_id = 0
SiteSetting.guidelines_topic_id = 0
SiteSetting.private_topic_id = 0


./launcher rebuild app

(Gerhard Schlager) #5

I added a rake task as a first step. It’s now possible to update static pages (FAQ, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy) by running the following commands:

./launcher enter app
rake topics:update_static[locale]

FAQ, Privacy Policy for non-english Discourse
(Sam Saffron) #6

Just so this does not get lost, we should do “dialog” when you switch site settings for locales allowing mods to opt to update the various topics if they wish.