How to automatically have FAQ and Categories "About" localized

I’ve my forum instance in Spanish, but all the files generated like the TOS, FAQ, all the categories About topics are in english, is there any way to translate those files, maybe a rake task. Or I need to get to the file and start copying and pasting?

Did I do something wrong while I was setting up the Discourse?


tos_topic is definitely already translated to Spanish.

To update it I think the simplest way would be removing the link to the topic in the DB and doing a rebuild.

I agree it is not that great that we seed these topics before you have picked a locale. @gerhard we should think of a better long term solution here.

What we can do is glue a custom field to the topics we create so when you change locale, a rebuild brings in the correct topics.

So in 990_topics.rb

  1. When creating these topics we set the custom field of topic_locale.

  2. IF we have SiteSetting.XYZ_topic_id, THEN look at custom field… IF it is there and locale does not match current locale, create a new topic.

This is not 100% ideal, cause there is a big delay (has to wait for a rebuild)

BUT if we triggered the same process on SiteSetting change it could be workable. I really dislike that SO MANY sites have TOS etc in the wrong language.

To work around:

./launcher enter app
rails c
SiteSetting.tos_topic_id = 0
SiteSetting.guidelines_topic_id = 0
SiteSetting.private_topic_id = 0


./launcher rebuild app

I added a rake task as a first step. It’s now possible to update all seeded topics and categories by running the following commands:

./launcher enter app
rake i18n:reseed[locale]

Just so this does not get lost, we should do “dialog” when you switch site settings for locales allowing mods to opt to update the various topics if they wish.


Completely solved by Update seeded categories and topics