How to Automatically Post Your New WordPress Posts as Discourse Topics

Are you tired of publishing a post on WordPress only to head over to Discourse to manually create topics from that same post? This time-consuming effort can be avoided if you know the secret…workflow automation! Integromat, an industry-leading integration platform, can watch for your new posts in WordPress, and create matching topics in Discourse automatically. Enjoy this time-saving hack, and spend more time creating great content.

:arrow_forward: Cool, right? And the best part? It’s fully automated! :robot:

Create topics in Discourse from WordPress posts

There’s even more you can do with the Discourse app when you connect it to a variety of other apps using Integromat. For example, you can automatically create a post, topic, or private message, update or delete topics and posts, and more. Integromat has everything you need to create fully automated workflows with zero coding required.

  • Your scenario watches for new Discourse posts using the Discourse > Watch posts module.
  • It then posts the topic, link title, and link as a message to a selected Facebook group using the Facebook groups > Create a post module.
  • Schedule the posts to appear when you want them to.

:star: Features

  • Retrieves post details when a new post is created

  • Retrieves a list of the latest posts across topics

  • Retrieves post details

  • Updates an existing post

  • Deletes an existing post

  • Retrieves topic details when a new topic is created

  • Retrieves a list of topics

  • Retrieves topic details

  • Allows you to updates an existing topic’s title or/and category

  • Deletes an existing topic

  • Retrieves message details when a new private message is received

  • Retrieves private messages in your account

  • Creates a post, topic or private message

  • Allows you to perform a custom API call

  • Retrieves post details when a new post is created

:arrow_right: Connecting Discourse to Integromat

To start, you will need to sign up for an Integromat account, and then make a connection with your Discourse account. Once you register and log in, follow this step-by-step guide, and start creating a scenario (scenarios are Integromat-speak for integrations).

Happy Automating! :robot:


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