How to change settings to receive one message a day and not instant messages?

I’m looking for information on helping users opt out of instant messages but one message daily.

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Are you referring to emails? Can you elaborate?

Yes. I work for a non-profit. We send out many emails a day. How can a user change their settings to receive one email at the end of the day instead of instant messages.


In a user email preferences, there are options for:

  • “Send me an email when someone messages me”
  • “Send me an email when someone quotes me, replies to my post, mentions my @username, or invites me to a topic”
  • “Include previous replies at the bottom of emails”
  • Digest email frequency

You can adjust many of those default at /admin/site_settings/category/user_preferences.


How do I get to user email preferences?

In your admin panel:

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On this site your user email preferences are at:


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One super cool thing about Discourse is that you can also us /my/ in your URLs that need to reference a user account.

So in the example from earlier, you could replace: with and then the link will bring whichever user is logged in to THEIR personal settings.

Makes setting up user guides and documentation really easy.