Only send daily email summaries, not for every reply when away

I would like to know if it’s possible to only send one email per day about notifications such as replies. Now users get an email (when away) for every reply. That’s considered annoying by some users, I get that as well. Emails are not the best notifications since they cram up your inbox.

Of course people can install the forum as a PWA, but if you don’t open the notification in time, you’ll get an email anyway.

So, having an option of just getting one daily summary email of notifications, would greatly improve that. I don’t think this is possible now, or is it?

You can have a fiddle with your own email settings in if that’s any good?

And you can set the user defaults in the User Preferences section of the admin settings too.

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True. But “only away” has a timeout of just 10 minutes. For most notifications that means you’ll get an email anyway. Since 10 minutes is a too short timeout. Getting just one mail with your daily or weekly notifications would be better in my opinion.

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Moved the topic to #feature if that’s okay. Since this feature I’m discussing here doesn’t seem to be implemented.

Then… change that 10 minutes to a higher number in your site settings? What is stopping you from doing this? See email_time_window_mins. Set it to 600 or whatever you like.

I haven’t tried that (yet) because the most user friendly option would be a GUI one. But I’ll have a look and see how well that works. It would still not be a daily digest of notifications, right?