How to configure group email address

I’m trying to configure the email address of a group in Discourse and I cannot find where.

I’ve seen in Start a New Topic via Email ✉ that there was an option at group configuration that was called “Custom incoming email address”. I’m using an updated instance of Discourse and there is nothing like that and the page is a little different than the screenshot.

How is this configured now?

To configure the incoming email address for an existing group, first make sure that the ‘email in’ Site Setting is enabled. Then, go to your groups page, click on the group’s name from the list to get to the group’s page. On the group’s page, click the Manage tab and then click Interaction from the left-side menu. You should see a form that looks like this:

Add the email address to the Email field on this page and click the Save button.


The key was that I didn’t have the ‘email in’ enabled.


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