How to customize authenticator logos & themes?

Hello everyone!

As you know - for security purposes you can add an authenticator app to prevent people from getting into your account if they have your password.

Let’s take an example app - Authy, when you add an app it has a picture & a theme - I was wondering how can I make it so that when somebody adds an authenticator app on there phone, it can utilize a theme and an image I have selected.

Thanks for any support, in advance.

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From an FAQ on Authy’s support site:

As the vendor of an application, how can I change the logo associated with my application’s account token?

There are two different scenarios with different solutions. If you are using the Authy API to generate your Authy account token, then you can change the logo in Twilio Console. If you are not using the Authy API, then the Authy app uses Google Image Search API to find a logo, using your Google Authenticator token’s Issuer name as the default search term. The user can also try other search terms to find a better logo. The search results may not be perfect 100% of the time, because Google Image Search isn’t perfect. If you recently changed your application’s logo, it may take some time for Google to figure out that that is the most relevant logo for your application’s name. In general, we will not change your application’s logo to something different than what is returned by Google.

So it doesn’t sound like it can be done directly without integrating their API. Seems like it will work in their iOS and Android apps if your logo appears in Google’s image search results.

My site does show on as first result on the google image search, maybe it’s been changed or there is another issue going on in the background - it’s not the greatest issue, just a minor annoyance.

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