How to debug Akismet plugin?

Hi all,

I’ve successfully installed Akismet following the instructions at and am trying to test it out. After each test post, I’m manually triggering the CheckForSpamPosts Sidekiq job.

I’ve seen a few test posts get flagged by Akismet so I know it worked at one point. However, I’m having a hard time getting it to flag any new test posts that I’ve tried.

I’m doing this testing with a TL1 test user and have temporarily set the “skip akismet trust level” setting to TL2.

Is there a log I can watch to see what’s going on? I’m not seeing my info in production.log so I’m wondering if the plugin is still working.

Thanks in advance!

Hi everyone…is there anyone that can point me in the right direction?


I have installed it to test it out, and it initially seems to be working fine with the test post from the plugin topic?

If you let me know your configuration and test text I can have another run through. :+1:

To be clear, it seems to work sometimes but not all the time and it’s kind of a mystery as to why.

That’s why I was hoping there was a log somewhere that I can watch where I can see what’s going on. IE, “this new post doesn’t need to go to Akismet because user is TL3” and “this post needs to go to Akismet and Akismet’s answer was its okay”. Does such a log exist?