New Akismet Install not on Hamburger Menu

I’ve installed the Akismet plugin but it’s not on the Hamburger Menu. A screen capture of the settings is attached and I think they are fine. Could the Akismet key be the problem and is there some way to test if it’s valid for my site?

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Also note that Jobs::CheckForSpamPosts is running. However, I don’t know if that’s only a Akismet job.

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Hey @tisawyer :wave:

The Akismet queue was merged with the new review queue. You can view the queue from the Review link inside the hamburger menu:



I was thinking the entry on the Hamburger Menu would tell me that Akismet is installed correctly. Is there any way to know if it’s working other than to wait for spam?

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You can see if it’s working by looking at your Akismet stats.


I don’t have any WordPress sites but I did find a link to “account-wide spam stats”. So far all counts are zero… we don’t get much spam.

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