How to display categories by alphabet on sidebar and how to display tags on sidebar?

No tags on my sidebar and I can’t change the order of categories.


About categories, I don’t think there is a setting for that. However, the sidebar follows fixed_category_positions setting. You can achieve similar results, I believe.

About tags, You have the default navigation menu tags setting.
If you want tags sorted, you have the tags sort alphabetically setting.

No tags on my sidebar. How to display tags on my sidebar?

Do you have this setting enabled?

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My tag settings are no problem, but still no any tags displayed on my sidebar.

What about default navigation menu tags, did you fill it with tags?

In fact, I can not fill in the Navigation tags.

Now I see no tags can be displayed on my sidebar, at the same time no tags stored anywhere after I created tags.

I see the real problem is I can only create 2 words tags. If I try to create 1 word tags, no tags are really created. How can I create both 1 word and 2 words tags?

Did you manage to figure this out in the end? You should be able to create tags of only one word (we have plenty here on meta).