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(Giorgos Kontopoulos) #1

We have one category in our forum “The lounge” that when edited it does not give us as “permission” tab or in “general” tab does not allow to set “parent” or set “description”

I don’t know how this category came about (probably it was auto created on install) but posts to this category don’t display the category in the “Latest” page

what does it seem to be the problem or is it a setting ?


Search for Lounge :slight_smile:

(Mittineague) #3

Topics in the Lounge category display in the Latest page’s topic list here at meta for me.

It is an “out of the box” category that members need to have Trust Level 3 group permissions for, and like other categories they may not have permissions for, will not display for them if they are not TL3.

Did you do anything that may have broken how it’s supposed to work?

(Giorgos Kontopoulos) #4

@HAWK I hope you understand that you answer not very helpfull since the search produces 1000s of results

@Mittineague thanks for trying to answer
That is what I came in here to ask :wink:
how do I make behave like all the rest of the categories

(Jeff Atwood) #5

There is nothing special about the Lounge category, it has its own set of permissions like any other category, which you can edit by pressing edit on the category.


Sorry for the ambiguity. I was suggesting that you searched for information before asking your question. As you point out, The Lounge has been discussed at great length (every install of Discourse has one) so rather than starting a new topic about the same thing I was suggesting that you did some reading first. :slight_smile:

If you already did that and you’re still stuck, fair enough and apologies.

(Giorgos Kontopoulos) #7

@codinghorror as I said in my first post
I don’t see any permissions tab or “parent” setting or “description” setting on the “general” tab

@HAWK yes indeed I searched but with so many results I can’t possibly read responses
the few that I read were very specific and did not indicate that they are close to what I see

don’t see permissions tab etc without doing anything special on the installation … was hoping there is a setting to undo

(Vinoth Kannan) #8

Can you share the screenshot of Lounge category’s editing modal?

(Giorgos Kontopoulos) #9

@vinothkannans here is a screenshot with inspector open and hover over the highlighted section

there is nothing hidden above where the description and parent would be

NOTE: Also moving the scrollbars down there is nothing hidden under this section

(Jeff Atwood) #10

You are missing the security tab, there. What version of Discourse is this? You should have mentioned that in the first post. And you are logged in as admin, yes?

(Giorgos Kontopoulos) #11

@codinghorror please read the first line of the first post … I am mentioning the missing permission tab and I say it 2 more times on a subsequent post

I am logged in as the SuperAdmin and I am on the latest version [v1.9.0.beta16 +96] as of now but even on beta15 and now have the issue described above

(Sam Saffron) #12

Try safe mode, does it persist? How to use Discourse Safe Mode Screenshot please

(Giorgos Kontopoulos) #13

@sam No even in safe mode the same thing appears

(Giorgos Kontopoulos) #14

Its a new forum so I thought of moving all topics to a new category “The Lounge” which I did
but now it does not let me delete the original Lounge “Can’t delete uncategorized”

How do I get rid of this empty category ?

(Jeff Atwood) #15

So you have renamed uncategorized to “Lounge”?

(Giorgos Kontopoulos) #16

I don’t know maybe some other admin/moderator !!!
is that the uncategorized category ?
what do I do with it now ?
how do I get rid of it ?
or at least prevent it from displaying ?

(Jeff Atwood) #17

Search site settings for “uncategorized”. It’s very confusing because you renamed a built in category to match another built in category. Basically you built a giant ball of confusion :confounded:

(Giorgos Kontopoulos) #18

@codinghorror ok thanks

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