How to get Privacy Policy and TOS to show up like the FAQ page

What do you call the format of the “FAQ” section – it doesn’t look like a “post” when I look at the page, but turns into a post when I edit it. I’d like my privacy policy and TOS to show up the same way (currently they are posts and they appear like posts when I navigate to them).

They’re called ‘published pages’. Though your Privacy Policy and TOS should already be doing that automatically if you have them set (like ours Terms of Service - Discourse Meta, Privacy policy | Discourse - Civilized Discussion)

You could check you have a company name set in your admin settings. There was a recent change to require that. It shouldn’t have affected existing sites, but if you made any amendments to that setting recently you may have caused your TOS and Privacy pages to become ‘unpublished’.

Or you could also check your tos url and privacy policy url settings to see if you’ve add the topics themselves to those, which could override the default published ones?


Hi: How do I change the title in the FAQ navigation as I want to use different wording to “Terms of Service” - is it possible? thx

ps I edited the title and the change me - but the nav. still says terms of service