How to group categories together

in these forums, you can see various categories are call grouped together by a “category-group-name”

not able to figure out how to do this (unless this is a custom plugin) in which case does anyone know of said plugin to support grouping categories together? (as this fix the issue I was going to run into with sub categories not being able to have their own sub categories)


That category page has been highly customized, there’s no way to group categories like that in Discourse without customization. But some have done it with CSS, there’s an example here:

We’ve had a similar request a few times, so we should consider an official customization that allows this kind of grouping.


Hey Kris,

That was my fear honestly (they have a lot of really solid custom stuff, so figured this may be one)

That would honestly be great! It really hits perfect for people trying to house a few different topics in one Discourse, and kinda gets by the issue of there only being a single sub-category down

will check out the css trick for now, thanks for the reply! Will cross fingers for something official

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