How to have wiki-related discussions ? Bidirectional preferred

I would like to use the wiki-feature of Discourse, but also have the possibility to use the wiki-record (a closed topic containing only the first post as a wiki) as a kind of category, where I can have, not just one discussion-thread, but multiple. These should be related bidirectional, so one somehow leads to the other both ways.

Ideally I would like a solution like wikipedias Talk-page, where I can read the wiki-record and then click on a Talk-tab, and there find the related threads for the wiki-record.

I suppose this is not in the todo-list of Discourse, although I think others would benefit from having a great discussion-platform to use, when discussing wiki-records. Otherwise you would have implemented it already.

So: Workarounds :smiley:

  1. Use the “Reply as new topic”-feature to have bidirectional links in the bottom of the wiki-record, and if I understand correctly, somewhere in the new topic also - bidirectional that is.

  2. Create one category for wiki-records only. Create a heck of a lot of categories, 200+ at least, and manually link them to wiki-records (again, here what I call wiki-records are just closed topics containing a wiki). Possibly use RSS to put in the wiki-record.

  3. Make a category - and make the category default topic, that describes the category, a wiki-record and the following topics rest in the same category.

I hope it makes sense. Any thoughts or suggestions for this use-case ?

Thanks for anything

I think you will need to experiment with the approaches you outlined and get a feel for which works best and what the pros and cons are of each.