How can i disable categories on home page?

hi all! :wink: how can i disable categories on home page

You can remove that option using the top menu admin setting:

If you expand the option box, you should see the options can be removed using the ‘x’ for each. It may be useful to delete them all and re-add the ones you want in the order you want, as that seems to work better in conjunction with existing users’ ‘default home page’ preferences on their interface page.


You can hide that dropdown with a little CSS, if that’s what you’re looking to do

.category-breadcrumb .category-drop {
  display: none;

Check out How to make CSS changes on your site


This method doesn’t work. I delete categories, but they remain.

You need to refresh the page for it to take effect, but it should remove the category option from the homepage dropdown:

Edit: I think mobile vs desktop may have thrown me a curveball on this one. I will investigate this further…

Yes. It’s a separate box on the desktop layout - which I should have picked up from your screenshot. My apologies. I think the best way is through adding the CSS @awesomerobot suggests. :+1:

However, I think @awesomerobot may have understood what you’re looking for better than I did. :slightly_smiling_face: