How to install multiple plugins at the same time?

Is it possible to install multiple plugins at the same time (bulk plugin installation)? (Docker install)

I was using the ProCourse Installer and had to remove it, which is supposed to remove all of my old plugins that were installed with that tool as mentioned here:

So I’d like to install several plugins at once, but wanted to check to see if there are any potential issues or concerns with adding multiple lines in app.yml before doing the rebuild.

I haven’t any issues ever. Well, some plugins may be broken but that is almost impossible know before hand, of course. Thas’s why we have two options:

  • stage site
  • living on the edge

Yes. You can add and remove as many plugins as you want in one go.


:laughing: There’s a few of us in Meta who “live on the edge” of ignorance and/or necessity… but I’m glad to know the options ツ

Do you have a recommendation for the simplest way to set up a staging server that’s connected and you can easily “push” updates to production, after you’ve confirmed updates and changes are all good?

I would love to do that but I’m not technical enough to connect all the dots to build or manage that infrastructure… unless there’s step by step guides and tutorials. So if you’ve got any recommendations on that front, I’m all ears!

You can see Set up a staging server to set up a staging server with the same plugins. You can’t can restore your production database to staging, run a backup and if that works run it on production.