How to install with a paid hostiing

Hello, guy I’m extremely interested in this forum but is something new to me because I have use only simple machine or MyBB now I’m trying to install this one but can’t find how to install it, all i see is that your need to use some program but still can understand it. My English is incredibly low so many things in the installation is hard to me for understand… Also, there program your need to use…

I have a buy a hosting and domain but still can’t find how to install it… Can someone help me what page i must edit?

I think you should start with How Do I Install Discourse? which will give you some advice and then send you to Beginner Docker install guide.


As your see the reason I post this theme is because I can’t understand how to do it… Your need server or programa i get lost there… I have paid a hosting, so I don’t know It I still need that server thing…


Looking more only find the self-hosting thing… This script only works with self-hosting? don’t work with a paid hosting?

You could have us host your site for you. If you would like to give our hosting a try, signup for a free trial on either our Standard or Business plan from here: Discourse pricing | Discourse - Civilized Discussion.

The script (or any Discourse installation) will not work with “web hosting”–the kind where you’d copy over a bunch of PHP files and create a database. You’d instead need your own dedicated (rare) or virtual server to run your own installation, or to look for Discourse hosting.


ok thanks: smiley: for the information ^^