Install and hosted related issues

Encountering 2 issues that have come up a few times.

I have a hosting company for a few years now but to install Discourse I’m having to sign up to a new hosting company. It’s been difficult to even setup an account with the new company.

Two questions.

  1. Is there anything I can do to help convince my current hosting company to add support for Discourse installs?
  2. Is there anything planned here at for micro businesses that want to have a Discourse install?

I have about 200-500 users and about 10-100 messages a month when my Discourse forum was up. My Discourse host vanished taking many sites with it. The site is and was used and want to have it for my the apps I write. I don’t make enough in my micro business to afford the basic plan. I pay my hosting company $10-$20 a month. Is there any plans for minimal user and minimal use installs?
I would be glad to pay more if it grows!!! That would generally mean I’d be getting more business.

When I say micro-business I mean artists, hobbyists, app developers, you tubers, etc . I think there is a large market out there that want forums but have obstacles to some of the current plans.

Also, I don’t know how this comes across, I’m exhausted with my forum going down and I’m an idiot (not a great combo) so I’m just thinking out loud here.

Yes. You can self host. See Discourse official Standard Installation. You can do it on a $5 or $10 /month virtual machine.

If your don’t want to install it yourself, I will.