Making a user go back to trust_level_0

I’m doing some experiments with trust levels, and I have a question. I created an account with trust level 0, (so at first, in the “Automatic” there was only trust_level_0) and then I manually added the user to a group that gives automatically provides trust level 1 (so then the trust_level_1) showed up. However, after manually removing the user from the group, the trust_level_1 remained, and it seems that I can’t make the user go back to trust_level_0 only. So my question is: how can I force the user to go back to trust_level_0? Is it not possible?

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You can go to /admin/users/list/active (or through your Dashboard), scroll down to the user in question, click on their avatar, then scroll down to
and change it from 1 - basic user to 0 - new user.


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