How to make it obvious who is staff?

I don’t see any settings to for example make it obvious who is a staff member.
Any thoughts on this?


Group flair is a great way to do this - it’s what the team uses here on Meta! Highly recommended.

This also allows for a separation between who is company staff and who is forum staff (which is what Discourse calls admins + moderators).


Just grant moderator to all staff so they get the shield. Isn’t this obvious to make it more clear?


Where do these “shields” show up? I don’t see anything obvious…

When you press grant moderation the user is given a shield next to their name:


If you are an admin you can also press this:


Ah you have to click on the user’s icon to se the shield.
Looking for something more obvious, like looking at the posts, so will have a look at flair.


On my forum the icon is always visible: Emmener les monos en voiture - Autour d'une roue -


Also, you can use titles.

And I think there is a CSS class applied to mod/admin posts? Will have to check on desktop.

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There is a class around the user name,

<span class="first username staff admin moderator">
    <a href="/u/Canapin" data-user-card="Canapin">Canapin</a>
    <span title="Cet utilisateur est un modérateur" class="svg-icon-title">
        <svg class="fa d-icon d-icon-shield-alt svg-icon svg-node" aria-hidden="true"><use xlink:href="#shield-alt"></use></svg>

But not on the post itself seems.


YES, that’s it.

There a few more options here:


So we have to put the admin/moderator in a group, then only there will be a new class on the post? That’s good to know.
I guess that could be a bit more convenient to have a admin/moderator directly on the post class without having to do that though.

Also, why is the shield icon not visible here on meta? It is by default on my forum, and I didn’t find any related setting…

It shows for moderators only. If you are only an admin, the Shield icon does not appear @Canapin :slight_smile:


No it appears on all posts etc… Without having to press profile.


Hmm. Here is a screenshot of part of the “latest” display in my community. I can’t tell (at least in this view) who are staff and who are users…

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Creating a custom group, wanting to add an avatar flair, I can’t just upload an icon? There is no icon at Font Awesome that matches what I want to show…

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Yes, you can upload images and use them as the avatar flair badge.

I don’t see any upload option? (Note this community is hosted by discourse - maybe that makes a difference?)

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Have you tried pasting an image URL into the Avatar Flair Image field?

I tried a .png but no go. Looks like it needs to be a fontawesome image? Trying to figure out how to convert a .png to a fa-icon…

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Peter, you need to set your custom group as a “primary” group to see the flair. Check your group settings and enable it.